When Alice encounters the blue caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland he is above her head – literally as she is only three inches high at the time.  The conversation she has with him is not entirely satisfactory, but at least it does result in some practical advantage as she learns how to change her size to suit the animals she talks to.  Is this an analogy for science and religion at the present time?  Is science useful for practical things, but baffling when applied to life and the way we live it?

The door to the websiteIt need not be.  Science has a lot of things to say about the way we live which can be very helpful, but some scientists go beyond what their science can show and this is worse than baffling, it is misleading. Religion is about life and how to live it, so the issue of how science applies to our rule of life is about the boundary between science and religion and whether they can coexist.  To explore this issue, here is the door to this web site – and unlike Alice, you do not have to shrink to go through it.